A new birth for  music! SuperSport Deluxe is a new up and coming award winning artist fulfilling a purpose and opening the ears of the masses.  Deluxe is a gifted pianist, guitarist, brass musician and rapper.  His sound ranges from the avant-garde to Sucker Free Sunday. The New York music scene has been SuperSport's focal point since about 2014.  He began his journey in the New York jazz scene as a sideman for numerous artists.  He is also a composer and producer.  

As of late he has expressed as a rapper in the hip hop genre as well as a passionate activist for  the preservation of jazz music. Deluxe was a classical musician in  his formative years.  He later elected  to broaden his horizons as an all around musician and lyricist. He characterizes his taste as eclectic and influenced by his life experiences. Music has been a paramount part of his life  and has played a role in his upbringing on the east coast of the United States.  Check out SuperSport Deluxe on YouTube and Instagram for updates, events and releases.